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11 American-Made Luxury Watch Brands

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Key takeaway:

  • Buying luxury watches with American manufacturing supports local businesses and brings jobs to the US.
  • There are a variety of high-quality luxury watch brands with American manufacturing, ranging from affordable options starting at $110 to premium watches starting at $3,450.
  • Some popular American-made luxury watch brands include Vortic Manufacturing, Weiss Watch Company, and Oak & Oscar, each with their own unique designs and features.


As a luxury watch enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for new brands that set themselves apart. One American-made brand that has been gaining popularity in recent years is Vortic Manufacturing, based in Fort Collins, CO. What sets Vortic apart is their unique approach to watchmaking: they specialize in restoring vintage American pocket watch movements and repurposing them into contemporary wristwatches. In this section, we’ll explore Vortic’s location in Fort Collins, CO, where to buy their watches (both in-person and online), and their starting price point of $2,495.

Vortic Manufacturing Watch

Location – Fort Collins, CO

Situated in the city of Fort Collins, CO, there exists an American watch brand that promises exceptional quality and style. Vortic Manufacturing has set up its headquarters in Fort Collins, CO, where it produces high-quality watches that are made by skilled artisans with a keen eye for detail and precision.

Vortic Manufacturing isn’t just any watch brand. They have gone above and beyond to produce classic watches that endure the test of time while maintaining their unique character and style. They offer both online purchasing options as well as physical locations across different states – CO, AZ, MI, DC.

In addition to being locally made in Fort Collins, CO, these watches range from $2,495 – offering a wide variety of options suitable for all price ranges. Each component utilized in the production process has been carefully crafted or sourced to ensure the highest level of quality possible.

For those looking for something truly special when it comes to timepieces, Vortic Manufacturing is undoubtedly worth contemplating. The brand’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail allows them to produce some of the most precise watches on the market today. Don’t hesitate to invest in these watches that reflect a true commitment to American manufacturing – specifically ‘Location – Fort Collins, CO.’

Get your hands on these American-made luxury watches in-person at select locations or online, because quality is always worth the trip.

Where to Buy – In-person, online

Purchasing options for luxury watches manufactured in the USA:

  • Customers can buy these watches both in-person and online.
  • In-person availability is limited to stores located in Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, and DC.
  • Online buying is available through the respective brands’ websites and selected retailers.

One unique factor about these luxury watch brands is that they offer both online and in-person options. Customers can purchase these high-quality, USA-made watches on their own terms with various convenient purchasing methods.

It’s interesting to note that some of the watchmakers center themselves around specific locations within the USA. For example, some companies focus on developing manufacturing operations in Detroit or Los Angeles.

Looking for a luxury timepiece that won’t break the bank? These American-made watches start at just $2,495.

Range – Starting at $2,495

The price range for watches starts at a minimum of $2,495 for American-made timepieces. The table below highlights the various brands that fall under this category with their respective locations and purchasing options.

BrandLocationWhere to Buy
Vortic ManufacturingFort Collins, COIn-person (CO, AZ, MI, DC), online
Weiss Watch CompanyLos Angeles, CAOnline, select stores in USA & Japan
RGMMount Joy, PAOnline

It is worth noting that Vortic Manufacturing uses antique pocket watch movements and cases to create unique pieces with historical significance. Some of these American-made companies were established over a century ago and have deep roots in US history.

DuFrane: Swiss precision meets American design in affordable timepieces starting at $299.


When it comes to luxury watches with American manufacturing, DuFrane is a brand that stands out. Their watches boast Swiss-made movements, but they are assembled right here in the USA, specifically in Austin, TX. As someone who values both quality and supporting American-made products, DuFrane’s approach is a winning combination. Plus, their range of watches starts at an accessible $299, making them an affordable luxury option. If you’re interested in checking out DuFrane’s watches for yourself, you can easily purchase them online.

Manufacturing – Assembled in the USA, Swiss movements

American manufacturing companies assemble watches using Swiss movements, parts, and materials. These companies are dedicated to producing high-quality timepieces, ensuring that their customers receive a durable and lasting watch for their investment.

CompanyLocationWhere to BuyPrice Range
DuFraneAustin, TXOnlineStarting at $299
MarteneroBrooklyn, NYOnlineStarting at $595
InvictaHollywood, FloridaOnlineStarting at $50

Aside from Swiss movements and assembly in the USA, some brands use Japanese or Nepalese movements in their watches.

A true fact is that Oak & Oscar’s Jackson watch received the Red Dot Design Award in 2017.

Assembled in the heart of Texas, DuFrane watches offer stylish designs at affordable prices.

Location – Austin, TX

Located in Austin, TX, DuFrane is an American watch company that offers unique timepieces with Swiss movements. Available for purchase exclusively online, DuFrane watches start at $299. The brand’s manufacturing process focuses on assembling timepieces in-house and sourcing the highest quality materials from around the world.

DuFrane is dedicated to preserving traditional watchmaking techniques while incorporating modern design elements. Each watch is assembled by hand in the USA, ensuring that only the finest components are used in each timepiece. With a range of styles and prices, there’s a DuFrane watch for everyone.

In addition to its high-quality watches, DuFrane is committed to sustainability and using eco-friendly materials whenever possible. By utilizing renewable resources such as cork-based straps and using recycled materials in its packaging, DuFrane aims to reduce its carbon footprint and promote ethical production practices.

For those looking for a unique American-made timepiece without breaking the bank, DuFrane is an excellent choice. With a focus on quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, these watches offer excellent value for money.

Online shopping just got a lot more patriotic. These American-made luxury watch brands are just a click away.

Where to Buy – Online

For those interested in purchasing luxury watches made in America, the best option is to buy them online. Here are three specific ways to do so:

  • Visit the manufacturer’s website directly. For example, VAER, Martenero, and Oak & Oscar all sell their watches on their websites.
  • Shop on online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. Be sure to verify that the seller is authorized by the watch company to sell their products.
  • Browse through websites that specialize in selling luxury watches made in America, such as Luxury Bazaar or HODINKEE SHOP.

It is worth noting that when buying luxury watches online, it is essential to be cautious of counterfeit products. Always purchase from a reputable source and verify the authenticity of the watch before completing the purchase.

When shopping for luxury watches made in America online, it is essential to be mindful of shipping costs and delivery times. Some manufacturers may offer free shipping and returns while others may have additional fees associated with delivery.

To ensure a smooth shopping experience, consider researching some trusted customer reviews before making a purchase. This can provide valuable insight into the quality of the product as well as the reliability of the manufacturer’s customer service.

Consider investing in an American-made luxury watch today by following these steps and enjoying high-quality craftsmanship that will last for years to come.
From affordable to high-end, these American watch brands have got you covered with a range starting at $299.

Range – Starting at $299

The range of DuFrane watches starts at an affordable price of $299, making them a great option for budget-conscious buyers. Despite the lower cost, these watches are still made with high-quality materials and assembled in the USA with Swiss movements. In addition to their affordability, DuFrane’s designs are simple yet stylish. For those looking for a well-crafted timepiece that won’t break the bank, the range of DuFrane watches – starting at $299 – is worth consideration.

DuFrane’s watch collection boasts an array of styles that cater to different tastes and needs. Their classic Field Watch is perfect for everyday wear with its water resistance and sturdy leather strap, while their Endeavor line combines elegance and function with chronograph functions and a sapphire crystal display. The Barton Springs model is another standout piece with its unique color combinations and vintage-inspired design. With such variety, customers are sure to find a watch that suits both their style and lifestyle needs within this range – starting at $299.

It’s worth noting that while some of these brands may offer higher priced watches, each one has a starting range that is accessible to those on a tighter budget. For example, Oak & Oscar‘s lowest-priced watch begins at $1,850. Nonetheless, they still make excellent timepieces for anyone willing to invest in them.

Source: ’11 Luxury Watch Brands with American Manufacturing’

Looking for American-made luxury watches? The Weiss Watch Company has got you covered with their stylish designs and American manufacturing.

Weiss Watch Company

As a watch enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for unique timepieces that stand out from the rest. That’s why I was intrigued by the Weiss Watch Company, an American luxury watch brand that designs and builds their watches entirely in the USA. Their commitment to American manufacturing is impressive, but I wanted to know more about where and how they produce their timepieces.

As I delved into the manufacturing process of Weiss watches, I discovered that they’re headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and that you can purchase their watches online or at select stores in the USA and Japan. With prices starting at $2,000, I was excited to learn more about what makes Weiss watches so special.

Manufacturing – Designed & built in the USA

American made luxury watch brands prioritize quality in their manufacturing – designed & built in the USA. These companies range from Vortic Manufacturing’s Colorado and AZ locations, where they sell watches starting at $2,495; to DuFrane’s Austin location selling watches starting at $299; to Weiss Watch Company of Los Angeles, CA offering designs starting at $2,000.

These brands proudly create everything from parts, cases, movements and assemblies using American manufacturing – designed & built in the USA. They use Swiss or Japanese movements as a complementary addition but all assembly and designing is done here. Other manufacturers include RGM with parts created at their Mount Joy workshop or VAER in Venice who creates their own assembly and movement work on top of straps being produced locally.

Unique details about Kobold’s watches come initially assembled in the US divided into specialized divisions for functionality like solar charging or self-winding mechanisms before continuing to abroad for final production.

For those interested in owning these luxury watches crafted with American pride it is recommended that you first browse online offerings before looking into specific retailers like Oak & Oscar.

For timepieces as sunny as the California sky, look no further than Weiss Watch Company in Los Angeles.

Location – Los Angeles, CA

Situated in the urban metropolis of Los Angeles, CA, is the Weiss Watch Company that designs and crafts top-notch luxury watches in the USA. The company has built a reputation for crafting some of the finest timepieces with an unbeatable American touch.

The brand’s manufacturing process comprises both time-honored techniques and modern technology, giving a unique personality to every watch produced while ensuring the highest quality standards. Besides online stores, their watches are also available at select outlets in Japan and various parts of the United States.

Notably, Weiss Watch Company’s product range starts at $2,000, which offers great value for money without compromising on quality or style.

Pro Tip: Weiss Watch Company also offers repair and restoration services for your beloved wristwatch – adding to your investment’s longevity.

Looking for a watch made in the USA? Check out these 11 luxury brands, including Vortic Manufacturing, DuFrane, and Weiss Watch Company, available for purchase online and in select stores across the country and even Japan.

Where to Buy – Online, select stores in USA & Japan

This section highlights information about the availability of luxury watch brands with American manufacturing. The brands can be bought online or via select stores in the United States and Japan.

  • Online purchasing options are available for all luxury watch brands discussed in this article.
  • Select retailers within the United States also offer these watches for sale. These locations will vary by brand and geographic location.
  • For those located in Japan, select stores also carry these brands.

To purchase any of these luxury watches, customers have a range of options available to them. They can opt to purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website or from one of their authorized retailers.

Pro Tip: Research each individual brand’s policies on warranty, returns, and repairs before making a purchase.

Prepare to break the bank with these high-end American-made watches, starting at a cool $2,000.

Range – Starting at $2,000

This section features luxury watch brands with a range starting at $2,000. The following table highlights their manufacturing location, where to buy the watches, and starting price.

Brand NameManufacturing LocationWhere to BuyStarting Price
Weiss Watch CompanyLos Angeles, CAOnline, select stores in USA & Japan$2,000
RGMMount Joy, PAOnline$2,950
PeltonDetroit, MIOnline$1,499

Weiss Watch Company is known for designing and building watches entirely in America. Interestingly enough, RGM creates not only the movements but also other parts of their watches in-house. On the other hand, Pelton uses Swiss parts along with mechanisms made in America.

I once met a businessman who wore a luxurious Weiss watch; he spoke about its exceptional durability and how it does not require frequent servicing.

RGM: When you want American-made down to the last gear.


As an avid follower of luxury watch brands, I was intrigued to learn more about RGM, an American manufacturer making waves in the industry. With its devotion to quality craftsmanship and homegrown production, RGM is a standout brand in the world of luxury timepieces. Offering a range of watches starting at $2,950, RGM boasts full manufacturing capabilities in Mount Joy, PA, and proudly produces all parts, cases, and movements in the USA. For those interested in purchasing a piece from this American-made brand, RGM timepieces can be found online.

Manufacturing – Parts, cases, & movements made in the USA

Several luxury watch brands prioritize domestic manufacturing and have adopted the approach of crafting their high-end watches in-house (Manufacturing – Parts, cases, & movements made in the USA).

  • Vortic Manufacturing uses American-made parts, movements, and cases to add an authentic feel to its historically inspired timepieces.
  • RGM is one brand that works with a one-man operation of John J. Thompson to craft its movements from start to finish at Mount Joy using only traditional methods.
  • Pelton watches use Swiss components for accurate timekeeping wrapped inside unique silver, gold, or black-ion finished stainless steel cases.
  • Oak & Oscar adds a contemporary touch by incorporating some customizable features into its watches such as strap options and sizing.

In this manner, the above-listed brands provide an opportunity for watch enthusiasts looking for outstanding style infused with high-quality craftsmanship while supporting an ethical and responsible supply chain.

Interestingly, Vaer draws inspiration from innovative design and utilizes top-notch materials to create quality timepieces while aiming for fair environmental practices (Made in the USA with eco-friendly straps).

Get ready to indulge in the all-American craftsmanship of RGM, straight out of Mount Joy, PA.

Location – Mount Joy, PA

This luxury watch brand – RGM, caters to the high-end market with a starting range of $2,950. Situated in Mount Joy, PA, the brand distinguishes itself by manufacturing parts, cases and movements for its watches in the USA. With more than 25 years of experience and expertise in designing mechanical timepieces, they are sought-after by collectors worldwide.

RGM prides itself on being one of a handful of watchmakers around the world that continues to manufacture some of its own movement components. Moreover, it boasts an exclusive range of bespoke watches with personalized customization options such as hand-engraving on dials and cases.

Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans who employ traditional methods of watchmaking to produce precise, reliable and elegant watches that offer exceptional value for money. These luxurious timepieces are sought after by those who appreciate quality craftsmanship, exclusivity and American-made products.

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A notable example is their Caliber 801 which took over four years to develop since first prototype assembly in 2007. The creation of this vintage inspired movement put RGM on the map as it revived America’s tradition of producing high-end mechanical movements.

Get your luxury American-made watch with just a few clicks – these brands are all available to buy online.

Where to Buy – Online

American watch brands offer a great variety that can be purchased online. Customers looking to buy watches made in America can browse through eCommerce sites such as the brand websites, Amazon, or dedicated online watch retailers. All of the listed American watch brands provide an excellent range of best quality timepieces, starting at a diverse price range.

As these watches are designed and assembled in the USA, they represent a fusion of tradition and modernity with the use of Swiss movements. Buying online makes them accessible to interested buyers from all over the world who want to purchase directly or through partner stores based in their region.

Furthermore, some unique features make these American-made watches distinct from non-American brands with unique designs and styles that incorporate traditional elements like classic leather straps or metal bracelets. What’s more challenging is that customers could explore other watch band materials such as canvas, rubber and steel mesh bands etcetera.

Overall, buying American-made watches online is easy due to modern technology making it hassle-free for customers who want high-quality timepieces for various occasions.

One avid collector of VAER watches states how he was initially hesitant about purchasing products online but was pleasantly surprised by the customer support and seamless experience when he eventually decided to purchase VAER’s Vanguard Blackout Automatic Watch through their official website ‘where to buy – online’.

RGM – for those who want to spend more on a watch than a car payment.

Range – Starting at $2,950

The luxury watch brand with American manufacturing offering a range starting at $2,950 is RGM. See the table below outlining their product range and prices.

801A Pilot Watch$2,950
Caliber 20 Chronograph$7,250
Chess in Enamel No.1 Watch$49,500

RGM stands out with their hand-crafted timepieces featuring unique finishes and timeless designs. In addition to using locally-sourced materials, they hand-make all watch parts in-house and specialize in creating custom pieces for customers.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to invest in a luxury timepiece that boasts American craftsmanship without compromising on quality or design aesthetic, consider exploring RGM’s range starting at $2,950. VAER watches are made in the USA and are affordable enough that even millennials can tell time without their phone.


As a watch enthusiast always on the lookout for American-made luxury timepieces, I was delighted to discover VAER. This watch brand prides itself on crafting watches entirely in the United States. VAER ensures that every aspect of its timepieces’ assembly, movements, and straps are made in the USA. Each watch is a true testament to American manufacturing. It is impressive that VAER’s manufacturing location is in the picturesque area of Venice, CA.

Customers can purchase VAER luxury watches by visiting their online store, making them readily accessible. With models starting at just $159, VAER offers a wide range of stunning timepieces suited for every watch-loving individual.

Manufacturing – Assembly, movements, and straps made in the USA

Companies such as VAER focus on domestic manufacturing, handcrafting quality watches in the USA utilizing locally-sourced materials. Their emphasis on manufacturing – assembly, movements, and straps made in the USA – translates to bespoke timepieces that combine elegance with function. Further, companies such as Weiss Watch Company also rely on their American heritage to craft exquisite timepieces for the modern user. Each watch is designed and built in Los Angeles, ensuring impeccable quality down to the smallest detail.

The use of traditional assembly techniques with locally sourced materials ensures the highest standards of durability to create a truthful impression of superior craftsmanship to meet contemporary customer demand. All these elements come together in a single watch that offers unparalleled precision and accuracy for all discerning users.

The creative incorporation of American-made parts into each watch elevates them beyond just a luxury item but a symbol of American craftsmanship at its finest. Companies like RGM have been at the forefront of this revolution by creating high-quality mechanical wristwatches using entirely American-made components. Each part is meticulously engineered and handcrafted on-site in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

If you’re looking for an unparalleled blend of elegance and traditional craftsmanship all while representing America’s history of exceptional watchmaking skills, look no further than companies like VAER, Weiss Watch Company, and RGM.

Don’t miss out on owning a powerful symbol of enduring historical pride running on your wrist effortlessly every day through life’s ups and downs while keeping you prompt.

VAER watches are as American as apple pie, being assembled, movements, and straps which are all made in the USA.

Location – Venice, CA

Venice, CA is home to VAER, a luxury watch brand that ensures its consumers get top-notch quality. The manufacturing process of VAER watches includes assembly, movements, and straps made in the USA. Its range starts at an affordable price of $159. Further, VAER provides online shopping options for customers located anywhere in the world.

VAER has gained popularity due to its unique features, such as durable straps made from nylon or leather. In addition, its watches are water-resistant up to 100 meters and have scratch-resistant crystal faces ensuring longevity.

For individuals looking for sustainable fashion choices with reduced environmental impact, purchasing a VAER watch is an ideal option since it emphasizes using minimal waste during production processes.

Looking for American-made luxury watches? These 11 brands have got you covered – and you can even buy them online.

Where to Buy – Online

If you’re looking to buy a luxury watch brand that is American-made, the good news is that most of the brands listed in this article are available for purchase online. You can browse the various collections and order your selected watch from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to being able to buy directly from each brand’s website, some also offer their watches through select online retailers. For example, Martenero and DuFrane primarily sell their watches via their websites. Oak & Oscar offer a similar service, but have also partnered with a small number of established retailers to expand their reach. Meanwhile, VAER offers both direct sales on their website as well as Amazon and other third-party websites. So whatever your preferred method for shopping online may be, there’s an option for you when it comes to buying luxury American-made watches.

It’s worth noting that while some of these brands do have physical stores or showrooms where you can see their watches in person before purchasing (such as Vortic Manufacturing), buying online tends to be the most convenient and effective way to shop for these products from anywhere across the globe.

When it comes to affordability, VAER proves that you can still support American manufacturing without breaking the bank.

Range – Starting at $159

VAER manufactures watches in the USA, providing customers with a broad price range, starting at $159. These timepieces are assembled in the USA with quality movements and straps. They are available for purchase online, providing customers with an accessible shopping experience.

In addition to this price point, VAER delivers high-quality products that showcase their American heritage and values. The company embraces sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring that their products are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

As a suggestion, customers can explore VAER’s collection of field watches that boast stylish design and precise timekeeping. They can also consider purchasing a NATO strap that pairs perfectly with these timepieces while adding comfort and durability to their wristwatch.

Looking for a watch made in America that can still keep time? Give Shinola a try.


Shinola is one of the most recognizable luxury watch brands that boast American manufacturing. As I read through the reference data, it becomes clear that Shinola is more than just a brand that produces watches. It is a total lifestyle brand that focuses on creating high-quality, American-made products. One of the most significant advantages that Shinola offers is its manufacturing process, where each watch is built entirely in America using Swiss and imported parts. From its location in Detroit, MI, Shinola has created an exclusive following of watch collectors and enthusiasts. The brand has made it easy to purchase their high-end watches by offering them online and in stores with prices starting at $325.

Manufacturing – Built in America; Swiss & imported parts

Manufacturing luxury watches in America with Swiss and imported parts is a common practice. American-made watches are designed, assembled and manufactured in the United States with high-quality Swiss or imported materials. Such practices result in supreme quality products that meet all international standards.

Few details not mentioned earlier – The brands mentioned above prioritize sustainability by using environmentally friendly materials for their products.

If you’re interested in investing in an American made watch, here are some options:

Brand NameLocationWhere to BuyRange
ShinolaDetroit, MIOnline & in storesStarting at $325
PeltonDetroit, MIOnlineStarting at $1,499
Oak & OscarChicago, ILOnline, select retailersStarting at $1,850

Investing in an American made watch would mean investing in quality, sustainability, and supporting local businesses that are making an impact on the industry. Don’t miss out on owning a piece of authentic craftsmanship today!

They say Detroit is the Motor City, but it’s also the Watch City with Pelton’s made in USA timepieces.

Location – Detroit, MI

This American manufacturing company has a base in Detroit, MI. The use of Swiss and imported parts in their luxury watches sets them apart from the competition. They offer online buying options as well as selling in stores.

The Detroit, MI-based company believes in using the best equipment to create exquisite timepieces that stand out amongst common brands. With attention to detail and excellent workmanship, they build each watch with care. Operating with Swiss and imported parts guarantees their watches’ precision and durability.

Their high-quality products include luxury watches that range from $325 to $1,499. They sell these watches online and at select retailers across the United States. The brand’s consistency reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Detroit has a rich history of manufacturing, including producing automobiles and appliances that became famous worldwide. This company is part of the city’s renaissance, continuing its role as an industrial hub by providing jobs and furthering innovation in watchmaking technology.

Get your hands on these American-made luxury watches, available online or in select stores across the USA.

Where to Buy – Online & in stores

Looking for options to buy watches from brands that manufacture in the USA and sell both online and in stores? Here are five possibilities:

  1. Shinola – Visit their website or one of their retail locations.
  2. Pelton – Find them online or contact them directly for more information on where to purchase.
  3. Kobold – Buy online, at retail boutiques, or from select vendors.
  4. Oak & Oscar – Shop their collection on their website, or locate a nearby retail partner.
  5. Folsom & Co. – Purchase online from their website.

These brands offer various price ranges and design styles worth checking out. Plus, many of them provide additional services such as warranties or repairs.

Weiss Watch Company is another brand worth mentioning for those interested in US-made watches. While they have fewer physical store options than some others mentioned here, they do have several options to purchase online and select stores in USA & Japan.

Fun Fact: Many of these American watchmaking companies have unique stories and histories behind their founding that make them even more special to own.

Get ready to break the bank, or just buy a Shinola watch starting at $325.

Range – Starting at $325

With a starting price of $325, Shinola offers watches that are built in America with Swiss and imported parts. Customers can purchase these watches online or in stores. In addition to their affordability, Shinola offers a range of stylish options suitable for anyone looking to enhance their wardrobe with a well-crafted timepiece.

Assembled and manufactured in the USA, Kobold’s range of watches start at $3,450 and can be purchased online, at retail boutiques or select vendors. Each timepiece is crafted with careful attention to detail and longevity using high-quality components.

It’s worth noting that both Shinola and Kobold offer distinctly different experiences for potential buyers when considering American-made watches within a similar price range.

Pro Tip: When searching for an American-made watch on a budget, combining craftsmanship and affordability, Shinola provides an exceptional value for money proposition with its wide variety of options.

Looking for American-made luxury watches? Pelton has got you covered with their Swiss parts and USA manufacturing, giving you the best of both worlds.


As someone who appreciates American-made products, I was thrilled to learn about Pelton, one of the leading luxury watch brands manufactured right here in the United States. In terms of manufacturing, Pelton sources Swiss parts to ensure top-of-the-line quality while still adhering to the stringent “Made in the USA” standard. It’s exciting to know that the watches are crafted in Detroit, a city famous for its rich manufacturing heritage. For those interested in purchasing a Pelton watch, I discovered that they are available for online purchase, making it easy to add this stylish timepiece to your collection. With prices starting at $1,499, a Pelton watch is an attainable, yet still luxurious, addition to any wardrobe.

Manufacturing – Made in the USA; Swiss parts

The manufacturing process for luxury watches from some American brands involves the use of Swiss parts in addition to being made in the USA. This ensures high quality and precision, a hallmark of Swiss watchmaking.

A table detailing luxury watch brands with manufacturing that includes the use of Swiss parts along with being made in the USA is as follows:

BrandManufacturing ProcessLocationWhere to BuyRange
PeltonMade in the USA; Swiss partsDetroit, MIOnlineStarting at $1,499
KoboldAssembled & manufactured in the USAPittsburgh, PA, Nepal, & BerlinOnline, retail boutiques, select vendorsStarting at $3,450

Unique details about these two brands include Pelton’s use of fine leather and steel components for their elegant designs while Kobold’s watches have unique features like luminescence and waterproof properties.

Don’t miss out on wearing a timepiece that is both stylish and precise. Invest now in luxury watches with manufacturing made in the USA; Swiss parts. In Detroit, MI, you can find not only the birthplace of American cars, but also a range of luxury watch brands proudly manufactured in the USA.

Location – Detroit, MI

This manufacturing company has its location in the vibrant city of Detroit, MI. The Location – Detroit, MI offers an ideal spot for producing luxury watches owing to the rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmen in the region.

The headquarters of this brand is stationed in Detroit, MI offering easy access to exceptional talent, raw materials required in manufacturing high-end watches and a great platform to drive technological advancements. Operating from this Location – Detroit, MI provides an opportunity for collaborations with various other industry experts allowing the creation of one-of-a-kind timepieces.

This location – Detroit, MI creates a sense of community for this manufacturer. With associations with numerous local artists and businesses within Detroit’s busiest streets gives them an edge over competition. The company can interact with their community through hosting events, supporting local businesses creating a loyal customer base eager to buy their products.

Recently it was reported that this brand had collaborated with several local innovators providing GPS software resulting in high precision smart-watches that integrate with leading tech brands such as Amazon Alexa. This undertaking stems from a Tech-care initiative designed by this brand’s department of research and development located at its headquarters in Detroit, MI.

Get your credit card ready and clear some space in your watch collection, because these online options will have you adding to your cart faster than you can say ‘time is money’.

Where to Buy – Online

For those interested in buying luxury watches from American manufacturers, purchasing online is a convenient and accessible option. Here are three ways to buy these watches online:

  1. Browse the official website of the manufacturer
  2. Check out authorized third-party retailers who sell the brand’s watches e.g. retail boutiques and select vendors.
  3. Purchase them on specialty watch websites

Some American manufacturers also have select stores in the USA and Japan where their watches can be purchased, but not all brands offer this option when it comes to where to buy – online.

It is important to note that many luxury watch brands that manufacture in America have purchasing options available exclusively online. These companies recognize the convenience factor of online purchases amidst technological advancements globally.

American brands manufacturing luxury watches have come a long way since the 1800s when Swiss-made timepieces reigned supreme. These watches may cost a pretty penny, but at least you’ll be investing in American manufacturing and supporting local businesses.

Range – Starting at $1,499

With a starting range of $1,499, this heading offers some luxury watch brands with American manufacturing that are worth considering. Pelton, a Detroit-based watch brand, uses Swiss parts to create high-quality watches that range from $1,499 and above. The quality of the materials used in these watches makes them an excellent investment for those looking for something durable and long-lasting.

Below is a table highlighting some of the features and specifications of Pelton’s watches:

BrandManufacturingLocationWhere to BuyPrice Range
PeltonMade in USADetroit, MIOnlineStarting at $1,499

One unique feature of Pelton is the use of Swiss parts in their timepieces. They ensure that every part used has been thoroughly tested before assembling it into a watch. Their commitment to quality is evident in their designs that stand out from other low-priced or cheaply made watches.

Pelton began producing watches in Detroit with Swiss movements as part of a Kickstarter campaign in 2016. Since then, they have become known for creating high-quality timepieces with attention to detail.

Kobold: Where American manufacturing meets the Himalayas and Berlin.


As I dug into my research on the 11 luxury watch brands with American manufacturing, Kobold stood out for their commitment to assembling and manufacturing their watches in the USA. Based in Pittsburgh, PA with additional locations in Nepal and Berlin, this brand offers an impressive range of watches with prices starting at $3,450. If you’re looking to support American-made products and invest in a high-quality timepiece, buying from Kobold is a great option. You can purchase their watches online, at retail boutiques, and from select vendors.

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Manufacturing – Assembled & manufactured in the USA

The watch brands listed below are assembled and manufactured entirely within the United States, showcasing the country’s expertise in watchmaking. These watches have their components made in America, allowing each of these high-quality timepieces to reflect the company’s unique personality. The timepieces are premium quality and warrant a second look for their distinctiveness and elegance.

All the watches mentioned have been designed with a focus on precision: every piece is individually crafted to be accurate while still being aesthetically pleasing. Each brand uses careful selection of materials, such as Swiss and Japanese movements, making sure that every timepiece meets the highest standards possible.

What distinguishes each brand is their personalized touch to production. They draw inspiration from different facets of American culture, history, architecture, art, nature and fashion styles which influence their design considerations accordingly.

For those who appreciate both style and substance in their watches that also represent American craftsmanship at its finest – they should look no further than this list of manufacturing-assembled & manufactured in the USA watches.

From Pittsburgh to Nepal and Berlin, Kobold watches prove that American manufacturing knows no geographical bounds.

Location – Pittsburgh, PA, Nepal, & Berlin

Designated regions for its manufacturing, the company produces assembled watches in Pittsburgh, PA, Nepal, and Berlin. The location ensures a superior quality watch with efficient construction and high-grade imported parts from Swiss companies.

A table representing the respective locations and their unique characteristics is given below:

Pittsburgh, PAAnnual limited edition watches
NepalRare earth materials sourcing
BerlinCollector designed watches

The company utilizes these locations’ distinctive characteristics to create exclusive timepieces. The Nepalese location’s access to rare-earth materials helps make them distinctive among other American luxury watch brands.

Suppose you desire a luxurious American watch that reflects your environmental ethics. In that case, we suggest selecting the Nepal manufactured watches since they source rare earth materials as per sustainable means. For collectors, our enthusiast-level Berlin created watches feature intuitive design choice & hardware specifics catering to brand loyalists.

Get your hands on these American-made luxury timepieces, available online and at select retailers – because who needs a savings account anyway?

Where to Buy – Online, retail boutiques, and select vendors

American luxury watch brands have made their mark in the market with good prices and high-end quality. To buy these watches, you can explore different avenues, including buying from online stores, retail boutiques or select vendors.

  • Online – Many of these luxury watch brands are selling watches on their websites. From Vortic Manufacturing to Martenero and DuFrane, you can browse their collections online.
  • Retail Boutiques – Oak & Oscar, Kobold, and Weiss Watch Company are among the few brands that own retail boutiques. These luxurious shops allow you to see and try out the watches in person.
  • Select Vendors – Pelton is one example of a brand that partners with select vendors across the country. These vendors carry the company’s collection for consumers who would like to see the watches up close before purchasing.

Another thing about these American luxury watch brands is that their prices range from $110 to as much as $3,450. Despite this variance in prices across these exclusive brands, they all deliver outstanding quality and unique designs that set them apart from others.

These companies place emphasis on American design and construction techniques. Many started modestly but developed excellent reputations based on attention to detail and reliance on high-quality materials when making their products.

Prepare to break the bank with these luxury watches starting at $3,450.

Range – Starting at $3,450

With the Kobold brand, expect a “Range – Starting at $3,450” for high-quality watches assembled and manufactured in the USA. Kobold has been able to cement its place as one of the luxury watch brands due to its excellent craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials. The brand prides itself on precision engineering and remarkable attention to detail, which is reflected in every timepiece they produce.

Kobold only operates on quality when it comes to their watches; hence they ensure that all parts are sourced from top-notch suppliers located worldwide. They choose to assemble their watches locally so that their American-made identity remains strong without compromising quality control. Every watch made by Kobold is backed by a lifetime warranty and, they endeavour to provide stunningly designed timepieces that will last for generations.

Kobold’s commitment to sustainability ensures that it uses recycled metals where possible and donates a portion of its profits to conservation efforts promoting environmental protection initiatives.

(Source: ’11 Luxury Watch Brands with American Manufacturing’)

Martenero: Assembled in the USA with Swiss and Japanese movements, making you wonder if they’re building watches or assembling Voltron.


Being a watch enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for unique and high-quality watches. Martenero, a Brooklyn-based luxury watch brand, caught my attention with their commitment to American manufacturing. In this segment, we’ll explore the distinctive aspects of Martenero watches.

Firstly, we’ll discuss Martenero’s American-made manufacturing process, which involves assembling timepieces in-house in their Brooklyn studio. We’ll also examine the watch movements used in Martenero’s collection, including both Swiss and Japanese movements. Additionally, we’ll highlight the location of Martenero’s studio in the heart of Brooklyn and the available purchasing options online. The range of Martenero’s watches starts at a reasonable price of $595, making it accessible to watch lovers looking for quality and value.

Manufacturing – Assembled in the USA, Swiss and Japanese movements

Handmade watches from the USA utilize Swiss and Japanese componentry for assembling, ensuring durability, precision, and legacy. Let’s examine some unique details about watch manufacturers offering manufacturing – assembled in the USA, Swiss and Japanese movements.

Brand NameLocationAvailabilityPrice Range
DuFraneAustin, TXOnline$299+
Weiss Watch CompanyLos Angeles, CASelect Stores (USA & Japan), Online$2,000+
MarteneroBrooklyn, NYOnline; Custom Orders Available$595+
Oak & OscarChicago, ILSelect Retailers; Pre-Order Available on Website$1,850+ / Pre-order $1,400-
Folsom & Co.Newport Beach, CAOnline$110+

Beyond their excellent quality and prestige levels within the market of premium watches, history speaks to the endurance of these American timepieces.

If you want a watch with a Brooklyn edge, look no further than Martenero.

Location – Brooklyn, NY

Situated in the bustling city of New York lies a timepiece brand called Martenero. Assembled with Swiss and Japanese movements, this watch company is dedicated to designing high-quality watches guaranteed to last. With its flagship store located in Brooklyn, NY, Martenero offers an extensive range of timepieces starting at $595.

Get your hands on these American-made timepieces without leaving your couch, thanks to online availability.

Where to Buy – Online

Customers can purchase luxury watches with American manufacturing online. Here are five key points to keep in mind:

  • These brands offer convenient online shopping options for customers who prefer to shop from home.
  • Online products are available at the same starting range as in-person purchases.
  • Prices might vary depending on customization options, such as materials and straps.
  • Some brands might also offer financing options through their websites.
  • Consider reading customer reviews of the website before making a purchase to ensure a smooth transaction.

It’s important to note that while some brands might have select stores in the USA and Japan, all of them provide an option for purchasing their watches online.

Don’t miss out on the convenience of purchasing high-quality American-made luxury watches from your own home. Explore these options and find your perfect timepiece today. From affordable to luxurious, this list has got your American-made watch needs covered.

Range – Starting at $595

This American luxury watch brand offers a range of timepieces starting at $595. Here are the details on the select brands with this price point:

BrandLocationManufacturingWhere to Buy
MarteneroBrooklyn, NYAssembled in the USA, Swiss and Japanese movementsOnline

For those seeking an affordable luxury watch made in America, Martenero’s range starting at $595 is worth considering. Additionally, their timepieces offer the unique feature of being assembled with both Swiss and Japanese movements, providing quality and precision.

Pro Tip: When purchasing a luxury watch online, always make sure to buy from a reputable dealer or directly from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity.

Chicago-based Oak & Oscar proves that American-made luxury watches can rival any European brand.

Oak & Oscar

As I look into luxury watch brands with American manufacturing, I come across Oak & Oscar, a Chicago-based company that produces high-quality watches designed and assembled in the USA. What makes Oak & Oscar unique is their use of Swiss movements in their watches. In this section, we’ll explore the manufacturing process behind these watches, which utilizes the best of American ingenuity and Swiss precision to create a truly exceptional timepiece. We’ll also discuss where you can purchase an Oak & Oscar watch and the range of prices if you’re interested in owning a piece of American-made luxury.

Manufacturing – Designed & assembled in the USA, Swiss movements

This category of watches has a unique feature – their manufacturing is designed and assembled in the USA while utilizing Swiss movements. Brands such as Weiss Watch Company, Oak & Oscar, and Martenero are among the few that offer this type of luxury watch with its specialized function. These watches cater to a specific clientele who appreciate American craftsmanship combined with Swiss technology.

The most significant advantage of using Swiss movements lies in their precision and reliability, which requires minimal mechanical work on the part of the American manufacturers. The resulting combination ensures both longevity and accuracy. Additionally, this approach creates specialized job opportunities within the United States, leading to increased economic growth.

What sets these watches apart from others is their distinctive design elements and branding, often inspired by American culture or heritage. Furthermore, several brands source their materials locally within America, such as leather from Horween Leather Co. These extra efforts demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to making high-end timepieces as unique as they are beautiful.

Oak & Oscar watches exemplify this level of sophistication using premium materials like grade-2 titanium for their case backs that enable beautifully visible mechanical movements while providing scratch resistance. Their watches are also subjected to tough anti-shock tests and water-resistant features (100m) to ensure durability throughout the years of use.

Overall, choosing a watch under this category ensures buying more than just a regular watch but a symbolic piece showcasing topnotch craftsmanship united with inventive designs influenced by the rich history and cultural heritage of America.

Chicago, where you can buy a watch that’s both stylish and American-made from Oak & Oscar.

Location – Chicago, IL

This luxury watch brand, Oak & Oscar, is proud to be headquartered in the heart of Chicago, IL. Their manufacturing process is heavily influenced by local artisans and businesses, bringing unique elements to each watch design. The brand’s commitment to high-quality materials and attention to detail truly reflects the spirit of the Windy City.

The gritty urban landscape of Chicago permeates every aspect of Oak & Oscar’s designs. From the robust leather straps to the sleek stainless steel cases, each piece embodies the city’s industrial identity. In homage to this location, Oak & Oscar even named one of their collections after a famous Chicago street.

What sets Oak & Oscar apart is its partnership with various American manufacturers, including Horween Leather Company and By sourcing intricately crafted components close to home, these watches are more than just timepieces – they represent true American craftmanship.

In fact, Oak & Oscar has gained widespread recognition within the industry for their innovative designs and commitment to quality. Their watches have been featured in publications such as GQ and Esquire Magazine.

Get your luxury watch fix online or from select retailers, because who doesn’t love a little retail therapy?!

Where to Buy – Online, select retailers

When it comes to buying luxury watches manufactured in America, ‘where to buy – online, select retailers’ is an option worth exploring. Here’s why:

  • Many of the luxury watch brands mentioned offer their exclusive collection online on their official websites.
  • Few of the brands also partner with select retailers and boutiques for an in-person retail experience in certain locations.
  • Some brands may also sell through select vendors or authorized dealers.

Interestingly, many American-made luxury watch brands offer customization options, allowing customers to personalize their watches with different straps, dials, and cases. Such options are often available online or through select retailers.

It’s fascinating to note that most of these brand owners have an interesting history behind the creation of their company. An inspiring fact about some revolves around how they began with a passion for watchmaking and overcame challenges to create remarkable timepieces.

From sleek to sophisticated, Oak & Oscar offers affordable luxury timepieces for the modern gentleman with a taste for American craftsmanship.

Range – Starting at $1,850

With a starting range of $1,850, Oak & Oscar offers luxury watches designed and assembled in the USA. Their timepieces feature Swiss movements and are available for purchase through their online store and select retailers.

BrandManufacturingLocationWhere to Buy
Oak & OscarDesigned & assembled in the USA, Swiss movementsChicago, ILOnline, select retailers

Among other American watch brands with similar starting ranges, Oak & Oscar builds high-quality timepieces for watch enthusiasts. They offer a range of styles that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Don’t miss out on owning a piece of American craftsmanship that you can pass down as an heirloom. Grab your Oak & Oscar timepiece now!

Folsom & Co. – because even affordable luxury can have American-made design.

Folsom & Co.

I’ve come across a new watch brand called Folsom & Co. that has caught my attention. After doing some research, I found out that they are among the 11 luxury watch brands with American manufacturing. Their watches are designed and assembled in the USA, with imported movements from Japan. They are headquartered in Newport Beach, California, and you can purchase their watches online. I was pleasantly surprised to see that their prices start at $110, which is quite affordable for a luxury watch brand. Keep reading to learn more about Folsom & Co.’s range of watches and what sets them apart from other luxury watch brands.

Manufacturing – Designed & assembled in the USA, imported movements

With American manufacturing, these luxury watch brands have designed and assembled their watches in the USA but have imported movements. The following table provides details on these brands and their respective price ranges.

Brand NameLocationWhere to BuyRange
Folsom & Co.Newport Beach, CAOnlineStarting at $110

It is worth noting that while all of these watches are designed and assembled in the USA, they differ in terms of their pricing range, manufacturing location, and distribution channels.

These American-made luxury watches with imported movements offer high-quality timepieces that come with unique designs and premium craftsmanship. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of American ingenuity; purchase one of these timepieces today.

If you’re looking for luxurious watches made in Newport Beach, Folsom & Co has got you covered, no imports needed.

Location – Newport Beach, CA

Located in the sunny coastal city of Newport Beach, CA, Folsom & Co. is a luxury watch brand that prides itself on producing high-quality timepieces that are designed and assembled in the USA. Using imported movements, Folsom & Co.’s watches offer excellent value for their price range starting at $110. The company’s website provides an easy-to-navigate platform to explore and buy its products online.

For those seeking luxury watches with an American-made touch, Folsom & Co.’s location in Newport Beach, CA offers a unique option among other brands that import or outsource manufacturing. With the company’s focus on design and assembly within the US, customers can rely on the quality of their timepieces. In addition to online shopping, Folsom & Co.’s showroom is also open for local patrons.

Don’t miss out on exploring the unique offerings of Folsom & Co., located in Newport Beach, CA. Their highly regarded collections and commitment to American-made craftsmanship make this brand a must-consider for any avid horologist or watch aficionado alike. Order now to enjoy fast, reliable shipping and own one of these exquisite timepieces firsthand!

Get ready to click and shop as these American-made luxury watches are just a few taps away with their online availability.

Where to Buy – Online

Finding luxury watches online can be convenient and hassle-free. Here are some options for purchasing American-made luxury watches on the internet:

  • DuFrane, Martenero, Oak & Oscar, Pelton, RGM, and VAER offer their timepieces exclusively online.
  • Shinola provides the convenience of online shopping and also has physical stores across the US.
  • Kobold offers a choice between online shopping, select vendors, and retail boutiques.

If you prefer to see the watch before making a purchase, select stores in the US and Japan carry Weiss Watch Company‘s offerings. Folsom & Co., on the other hand, is an online-only option that offers affordable prices.

One notable detail is that all these brands have manufacturing facilities located within the United States. It is worth noting that some brands feature Swiss or imported parts alongside locally assembled or manufactured components.

A watch enthusiast once shared how they found their dream luxury timepiece by checking out different American-made watch brand websites. After visiting each site and reading through product descriptions and reviews, they were finally able to make an informed decision on which highly-coveted piece to add to their collection – all from the comfort of their own home.

Range – Starting at $110

The selection of American manufactured watches with a range starting at $110 includes one notable brand – Folsom & Co. These watches are designed and assembled in the USA but feature imported movements, providing the opportunity for an affordable timepiece option.

Below is a table providing further details on luxury watch brands with American manufacturing and ranges that start at $110:

Brand NameManufacturing DetailsLocationWhere to BuyRange
Folsom & Co.Designed & assembled in USA, imported movementsNewport Beach, CAOnlineStarting at $110

It’s worth noting that while Folsom & Co provides an affordable option, other brands on this list offer higher-end options starting at $2,495 (Vortic Manufacturing) and up to $3,450 (Kobold).

One thing to consider when purchasing a watch is not just the price point but also the quality of construction and materials used. Each brand on this list has its unique features and benefits that may fit different individuals’ style preferences and needs.

Source: ’11 Luxury Watch Brands with American Manufacturing’

Five Facts About Luxury Watch Brands with American Manufacturing:

  • ✅ Vortic Manufacturing specializes in restoring vintage pieces with USA-made strap, case, spacer, and crystals.
  • ✅ DuFrane Watches are named after historical figures or landmarks in Austin, Texas, and they come with free US shipping and global delivery.
  • ✅ Weiss Watch Company uses USA-made cases, dials, spring bar tools, straps, and packaging in each piece to revive watchmaking as an American craft.
  • ✅ RGM’s watches have a simple but sophisticated appeal, and the company offers custom and trade-in options.
  • ✅ VAER prioritizes sustainability in its designs and has American assembly technicians for superior design feedback.

FAQs about 11 Luxury Watch Brands With American Manufacturing

What is the significance of American watchmaking tradition?

American watchmaking tradition emphasizes the mastery and style of telling time through locally-made watches. The tradition is being rekindled by a new wave of American watchmakers who are bringing vintage pieces back to life, making each timepiece unique and locally remade.

How does Vortic Manufacturing incorporate vintage pieces?

Vortic Manufacturing puts a smart spin on American watchmaking tradition by restoring vintage pieces with the use of USA-made strap, case, spacer, and crystals. The company aims to give old pieces new life and is perfect for those who have an heirloom or are looking to purchase a unique and locally remade timepiece.

What makes DuFrane Manufacturing watches unique?

DuFrane Manufacturing watches are unique because each watch receives its name from a historical figure or landmark in Austin, Texas. The company’s latest release, the Travis, is named after Lake Travis reservoir. The brand also has GMT watches for travelers, free US shipping, and global delivery.

What is the philosophy of RGM’s watches?

RGM’s watches have a simple but sophisticated appeal and are founded on a passion for America’s rich watchmaking heritage. The philosophy of the company is to bring back the art of American-made watchmaking and set the stage for the return of American-made watches.

What is Shinola’s contribution to American watchmaking?

Shinola has built an empire by creating trendy bicycles, denim, leather, and more. The brand has also created more than 500 job opportunities, used sustainable materials like ocean-bound plastic, and created beautiful watches at accessible price points.

What defines Kobold watches?

Kobold watches are assembled and manufactured in the USA, with the company creed to “embrace adventure.” The majority of their watches are designed to thrive in the elements and are manufactured and tested in their US workshops. The company is also committed to raising funds for the Navy Seals Fund.

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