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I'm a luxury watch enthusiast and digital marketer hailing from Austin, TX. My passion for beautiful timepieces comes from the value I place on my own time. Expertly crafted watches give us all beautiful, daily reminders of how precious our time is.


Omega Prices for Popular Models in 2023

If you’re in search of the perfect timepiece, we’ve compiled a list of popular Omega models along with their reference numbers, prices, and key features.


2023 Rolex Prices: The Top 50 Models

The current prices of the top 50 Rolex models, ranging from the iconic Daytona and Submariner to the luxurious Day-Date and Sky-Dweller.


How to Buy Watches with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has taken off for buying high-value items like watches. Crypto ensures safe and private purchases, plus buyers from anywhere can join.