Niall Becomes The First Luxury Timepiece Manufacturer to Integrate Innovative Corning® Gorilla® Glass into Its Product Lines

One material you will find in the Niall One.2 that you will not find in other luxury timepieces is Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the tough cover glass that has been used on more than 3 billion consumer electronic devices worldwide. While luxury watches traditionally have used sapphire crystal or other mineral-based glasses for their covers, American luxury brand Niall worked with Corning, maker of Gorilla Glass, to create a new breed of luxury timepiece that is not only beautiful but also scratch and damage resistant. Niall Founder and CEO Michael Wilson explained that his decision to use the material was influenced by a desire to improve the durability of the Niall One.2 while not detracting from the watch’s elegant design and premium feel. Damage resistant and optically clear Corning Gorilla Glass was a logical choice when designing the Niall One.2 product given the desired product attributes.

“Niall was excited to use Corning Gorilla Glass in its quest to build the next generation luxury timepiece,” Wilson said. “Working with such an innovative company that also understood the value of American manufacturing was a breath of fresh air.”

Additionally, Niall believes in the power of creativity and found it could create a truly differentiated luxury product by working with Corning, a company with a more than 160 year history of innovation and customer collaboration. Wilson was drawn to the Gorilla Glass maker because, as a Corning, N.Y., based company, it fit with Niall’s dedication to be an American-made brand.

With a strong investment in American manufacturing, the use of Corning Gorilla Glass is one of many firsts Niall plans to bring to the luxury industry in the coming months.

“Niall will be making more product announcements in the next 18 months,” Wilson stated. “We’re finding more and more American manufacturing partners that are opening up to the idea of putting innovation back into the watchmaking and luxury goods industry. We plan to pioneer that.”


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