Niall CEO and Co-Founder to Speak at SXSW

As part of the annual South By Southwest festival in March, Niall CEO and co-founder Mike Wilson will give presentations during Brand Innovators' Austin Summit and Luxury Brands Summit sponsored by Neiman Marcus in Dallas. Brand Innovators events provide brand marketing and media professionals with the best practices, case studies and proof points, demonstration how "best of breed" brands are leveraging electronic media.

The various talks by Wilson and other entrepreneurs will revolve around the overarching theme of the summit,"How to be a change agent," looking at what brands can learn from start-ups in terms of product development cycles, distribution models, and consumer engagement.

Wilson’s speeches at both summits will specifically will focus on Niall's identity as a “Challenger Brand,” a company that challenges Fortune 500 companies with technology and innovation. For the Luxury Brands Summit, Wilson will present at Neiman Marcus in Dallas on March 9. As part of the Austin summit, he will be at Lambert's Restaurant on March 13.

For more on the events, view here for Austin and here for Dallas.


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