Niall Launches On Spring - A Promising E-Commerce Mobile Platform

Last month, we made one of the happiest discoveries in our company's history.  That discovery was Spring, a new and promising mobile platform that connects consumers with the fashion and beauty brands that speak to them. Launched in mid-August, Spring acts like a social media platform for consumers to stay connected to their favorite brands. Those that sign up for Spring can follow their preferred fashion and lifestyle brands, keep up with the latest collections, and make purchases when they find something that catches their eye. Spring also makes brand suggestions based on your taste, acting as a concierge to introduce consumers to their next favorite brand. Spring sports a large selection of fashion and lifestyle brands, from American Apparel to Gucci, and now, Niall.

“This was a great opportunity,” said Michael Wilson, Founder and CEO of Niall. “Spring has created a digital platform where growing brands have a chance to spread their wings.”

Now, the Niall One.2 luxury timepiece can be accessed through Spring's sleek and streamlined interface.

“We’ve always believed in innovation, and that’s exactly what Spring supports,” Wilson said. “Now, we have a direct line to our community. We can use this platform to introduce new products, get feedback, and find new ways to delight and wow the luxury consumer.”

Wilson’s faith in Spring’s future success also informed the decision to get on board. Niall’s message of being, “All In” is a true testament to the determination and ambition that inspires our brand, and it’s founder. Wilson is happy to support an equally ambitious team that shares his company’s passion, and is confident in the future prestige this decision will bring to Niall.

“Imagine being able to say you were one of the first people on Instagram,” Wilson stated.

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