Niall to offer expanded line of Niall One Timepiece

Niall is set to rollout an expanded line of its signature timepiece this month. The Kansas City-based luxury good company is announcing the Niall One.S, a new variation on the Niall One.3. For the first time, the new model will feature a sub second dial as well as a new suite of color customization options.

The One.S will come with a slew of dial colors to choose from, including Black & Gold, Cherry Red, Deep Blue, Hickory Brown, Northern Green and Maroon. Niall is also adding a larger variety of straps to go along with their leather and silicon options. Customers will now be able to choose from six straps, with a new Southern Tanned color and gator strap material.

“Being all in means something different to each person,” Niall CEO and co-founder Michael Wilson said. “This new line of products allow our customers to more clearly represent themselves and define what it means for them to be all in. Through close dialogue with them, we’ve been able to make these changes and offer a more personal timepiece that is in line with the company’s core vision.”

A limited run of the Niall One.3 Royal Blue timepiece, currently worn by Royals manager Ned Yost, is also available for a short time on the Niall website. The company is offering only 30 of the watches to represent the number of years since the team’s 1985 World Series victory, but only 15 remain.

The Niall One.S is now available through Niall’s website for $5,250.