Niallouge: A Series Of Big Breaks - An Inside Look At The Early Success At Niall

I learned very early in my entrepreneurial career that the process of building a company is a series of big breaks. It’s never one event that leads to success — it’s a domino effect of smaller moments that lead to a game changing time in your business when you know, “We’re going to make it. We’re going to make it big.” This is a chronicle of our big breaks during the early stages of building Niall.

Tech Crunch / John Biggs

Niall launched its first product, the Niall One, in August of 2014. As a start-up luxury brand in a 500 year old industry dominated by the Swiss, Niall was initially received with skepticism. Is this product good? Is this company going to be around next year? What in the world is a luxury watch company doing in Kansas City? All valid questions the world expected answers for in the early stages of our company.


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