WristReview Sits Down With Co-Founder Michael Wilson To Discuss The Past and Future of Niall

WristReview(WR): What caught your interest in the world of horology to begin with? Michael Wilson: Watchmaking is magical. It’s insane the levels we, as an industry, go through in order to chase the last 1% of perfection. I’m not personally interested in lower price point, cheaply produced timepieces. I am interested in what it takes to manufacture some of the best timepieces in the world – at scale. I believe watchmaking is one of the highest manufacturing arts and sciences in the mechanical world – but making 100 timepieces is tough. Making 1,000 is really hard. Making more than 10,000 is insane. The level of complication that comes with manufacturing thousands of timepieces, at the same level of quality and consistency, has captured my attention for life.

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