A trip to Cuba, a 19th century cocktail book and a meeting in a speak-easy gave birth to a cocktail that is taking over menus around the world. This is the Niall cocktail.




While traveling to Cuba, Ryan Maybee (internationally awarded bartender and co-owner of J. Rieger & Co.) came across a cocktail book from the early 1900's. Inside this cocktail book was an advertisement for a "Longines Cocktail" - a cocktail that highlighted prohibition era fashion and a speciality drink for the Longines Swiss watchmaker. 

Connecting the dots and being a Kansas City-based entrepreneur, Ryan called Niall founder Michael Wilson and pitched the idea of a Niall cocktail. A collaboration between Niall and J. Rieger & Co. that would represent a new era of collaborations. Something, that if done right, could grace cocktail menus around the world. 

Days later, Ryan Maybee and Michael Wilson found themselves in Kansas City speak-easy, Manifesto, testing iteration after iteration of Ryan Maybee's vision for a Niall cocktail. Mixing J. Rieger & Co. whiskey, vermouth, Cappelletti, Kubler absinthe and just the right ice cubs, Ryan Maybee states "we discovered the perfect cocktail to represent the spirit of Niall. A strong core of authentic American-ness with a little bit of Swiss movement." 

"The Niall cocktail tastes like a new generation of the old-fashioned, I've never had tasted anything like this before and to watch Ryan going through his creative process - was exciting." Says Niall founder Michael Wilson. 

Later that month the Niall cocktail was put on the menu at Manifesto. Quickly becoming a success. Today, the Niall cocktail can be found on menus around the United States and soon to be around the world.



1 ½ oz Rieger's KC Whiskey | ¾ oz Cocchi Torino Vermouth |
½ oz Cappelletti | 3-4 dashes Kubler Absinthe | 3 dashes Orange Bitters



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