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Announcement: Introducing The Limited Edition Fieldhouse Blue

Posted by Michael Wilson on

Kansas City, MO— February 22, 2017— Kansas City watchmaker NIALL, introduces a timepiece inspired by the 13 rules of basketball.

Officially licensed by the University of Kansas, the Fieldhouse Blue is inspired by both the University of Kansas and the Original 13 Rules of basketball. Limited to 126 pieces, the number is emblematic of the number of years since the inception of the basketball in 1891. Accompanied by a “waving wheat” pattern, the automatic winding rotor of the Fieldhouse Blue features serial numbers that begin at 1891 and continue to 2017. So precise and detailed it requires a microscope to read, the watch’s most iconic design element is the micro-inscription of the 13 rules of basketball on the face of the watch.

“As a University of Kansas alumni, a Kansas resident and a business that seeks to support the economic growth of our region, we set out to create timepiece that not only demonstrates the quality and precision of watchmaking we stand for, but also pays tribute to one of the greatest sports in the world,” says Mike Wilson, founder of NIALL.

“It’s exciting to produce a timepiece that honors the legacy of James Naismith and the heritage of basketball. It’s also an honor to have the legendary coach, Bill Self, wearing the Fieldhouse Blue on court to nearly every game. Bill has been both encouraging and supportive of NIALL since December of 2015 when he wore his first NIALL. You could say we have a lot to be thankful for, however, when you have a legend and man like Bill Self grace his wrist with a NIALL – it’s an absolute honor.”

The Fieldhouse Blue retails at $4,450 and is available both online (http:// niallluxury.com) and in NIALL’s flagship store at 612. W 48th Street on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO. A percentage of sales are dedicated to the KU Endowment Fund and to support the continuance of the 13 rules of basketball.

Michael Wilson

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