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Posted by Joe Simmons on

Niall is proud to launch its second unique timepiece, the Niall GMT.

The Niall GMT is the company’s first expansion beyond its successful first line, the Niall One. The GMT features two sub-dials — one for sweeping sub-seconds and the other for tracking Greenwich Mean Time, a function that dates back to original travel watches of the 1950s.

CEO and co-founder Mike Wilson said the launch of a second timepiece marks a major step forward for the company.

“The Niall GMT changes what you might expect based on the design of the Niall one. Where we’ve been bold, we’re now doing something more classic,” he said. “It shows we listen, we evolve and we innovate. We were chasing absolute perfection on the GMT, and what came out of it was incredible, both in engineering and design.”

Wilson said the Niall GMT is a more subtle, understated watch made for those who love vintage timepieces and enjoy a more traditional style.

Aesthetically, the company drew inspiration from mid-century fashion, leading to a smaller, more refined case (40 x 10.7 mm). It is available in black and blue dials, respectively, with a black premium leather strap.

The two-year process of creating the timepiece required an intense focus on engineering for Niall. “With the GMT, Niall maintains its steadfast commitment to manufacturing in the United States,” Wilson said.

With a mission to build a more efficient timepiece, the GMT uses less components and utilizes a “press-fit” technique to fit the glass into place, rather than screwing it in.The company continues to make all of its components in America and combines them with the Swiss-made Eterna .39 caliber movement.

You can reserve yours now. To explore the GMT, click here.

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