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Introducing NIALL's Virtual Clocks: a Google Chrome Extension

Posted by Michael Wilson on

NIALL is proud to announce the official launch of our latest digital creation, NIALL Clocks: an extension for Google Chrome. The application is a Google Chrome web browser extension that passively acts as a digital clock, displaying up to three timezones and allowing consumers to customize colors.

"We view digital differently at NIALL. The status-quo would have been to make a mobile application right off the bat. However, we challenged ourselves to look at the digital landscape differently. Asking ourselves, in what ways can we do something that has never been done before? In possibly a medium that has yet to be explored." says Founder Michael Wilson. The answer to flipping the switch on the watch industry was, for the American watchmaker, a Google Chrome extension. 

With over 1 billion installations of the Chrome web browser, Google Chrome has become the market share leading browser in recent years. With 3rd party plugins, new opportunities opened up to build extensions that work right within the Chrome browser.

Whether you are a NIALL customer or simply a fan of the brand, the NIALL Chrome Clocks are intended to be something visually beautiful but passively functional.

From the perspective of Lisa Stang, director of sales at NIALL, "Making the transition from a career in Apple to becoming a part of the journey of building NIALL, this is the type of innovation that excites me."

Slated for Q1 of 2018, NIALL says the next application on its road map is digital clocks for the Apple TV. Founder Michael Wilson states, "We're expanding our digital footprint with our clocks over the next 12 months. It's a very exciting path we are taking."

The NIALL Chrome Clock extension is FREE can be installed here on the official Google Chrome web store.

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