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Luxury Watch Education

Tudor Watch

Embark on Luxury: Explore Entry-Level Luxury Watches

Entry-level luxury watches offer a great introduction into the world of luxury timepieces. In this article, we will define what qualifies a watch as an entry-level luxury option and examine the key features that are expected in this category.

Citizen Watch

Are Citizen Watches Considered “Luxury”?

When it comes to watches, there are certain criteria that define a luxury watch brand. Citizen is a respected brand known for their high-quality watches, but can they be considered a luxury brand?

All Black Rolex

All-Black Luxury Watches That Make Us Double-Take

Luxury watches are known to show style and sophistication. People are now loving the trend of all-black watches. They have a black case, dial and strap, creating a bold look. This type of watch adds mystery and exclusivity to the wearer’s persona.

11 American-Made Luxury Watch Brands

There are a variety of luxury watch brands with American manufacturing, ranging from $110 to premium watches starting at $3,450.