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Citizen Unveils UNITE with BLUE Collection to Commemorate World Oceans Day


In honor of World Oceans Day, renowned watchmaker Citizen has unveiled its latest collection, aptly named “Unite with Blue.” This new series of timepieces is designed to raise awareness about the critical importance of our oceans and promote environmental conservation efforts. Citizen, known for its commitment to sustainability, has crafted these watches using eco-friendly materials and has partnered with various organizations to support marine preservation initiatives.

The Unite with Blue watch collection showcases Citizen’s dedication to both style and substance. Each watch within the series features a sleek and sophisticated design, reflecting the brand’s signature aesthetic. The timepieces incorporate elements inspired by the ocean, such as blue dials and bezels, evoking a sense of calmness and serenity.

The watches in this collection are powered by Citizen’s renowned Eco-Drive technology, a sustainable and innovative mechanism that harnesses both natural and artificial light to generate power. This means that wearers will never have to worry about replacing batteries, reducing waste and environmental impact.

UNITE with BLUE Collection by Citizen

To further underscore its commitment to the oceans, Citizen has collaborated with various nonprofit organizations dedicated to marine conservation. Through these partnerships, a portion of the proceeds from the Unite with Blue collection will be donated to support initiatives aimed at preserving the world’s oceans. By purchasing one of these watches, customers not only acquire a timepiece of exceptional craftsmanship but also contribute to the noble cause of protecting our marine ecosystems.

Citizen’s Unite with Blue watch collection offers a diverse range of models to suit different preferences and styles. Whether it’s a classic stainless steel bracelet or a comfortable and sustainable strap made from recycled ocean plastics, there is an option for everyone. The watches are also water-resistant, reinforcing their connection to the oceans and enabling wearers to enjoy aquatic activities with peace of mind.

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Watch Model Features Price
Citizen Promaster Dive UNITE with BLUE BN0166-01L Solar-powered dive watch, 44mm stainless steel case, 200m water resistance, Dial made from recycled polycarbonate materials $475 USD
Citizen Attesa UNITE with BLUE AT8188-64L Super Titanium alloy case, Chronograph, worldtime feature, Eco-Drive movement, Asymmetric blue and green colorway $1,995 USD
Citizen Attesa Atomic Time UNITE with BLUE CB0215-18L Black DLC-finished Super Titanium case, Radio-controlled atomic timekeeping, Perpetual calendar, Three-handed watch $1,025 USD
Citizen L Bianca UNITE with BLUE EW5591-51L Rectangular stainless steel case, Water resistance up to 50m, Dial with 100% recycled polycarbonate materials and two diamonds $525 USD
Citizen xC UNITE with BLUE ES9460-61L Super Titanium case and bracelet, Circular date window, Radio-controlled atomic timekeeping, Blue and green dial with diamonds $1,495 USD

As a leader in the watch industry, Citizen has consistently demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The Unite with Blue collection represents another significant step in the brand’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness about environmental issues and make a positive impact on our planet.

In conclusion, Citizen’s Unite with Blue watch collection is a remarkable testament to the brand’s dedication to both craftsmanship and environmental conservation. By marrying style and substance, these watches serve as a powerful symbol of our responsibility to protect and preserve our oceans. With each purchase, wearers can join Citizen in making a difference, honoring World Oceans Day and contributing to the ongoing fight for a sustainable future.

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