The American Standard.

NIALL is becoming the de-facto timepiece and clock company for organizations who seek to incentivize employees, reward tenure, encourage success and display a level of pride in America manufacturing. 

By joining the corporate program, NIALL provides a unique experience that goes above and beyond the traditional  "gold watch" era. With a wide range of price points and the opportunity to customize timepieces, the NIALL corporate program is positioned as the new frontier for recognizing corporate achievement.

Clocks ($225+)

NIALL's fully American-made wall clocks are a statement of both quality and American pride. Customized NIALL wall clocks are being installed everywhere from boardrooms, convention centers, to airports. 

NIALL wall clocks can run independently for three years. NIALL clocks can also be connected to an IP network for more precise timekeeping and uniformity. Additionally, NIALL wall clocks can be customized in color and design.

Timepieces (Call for pricing.)

The NIALL corporate program allows companies of all sizes to benefit from group discounts and timepiece customizations. By collaborating with NIALL, companies have the opportunity to create a timepiece that is unique to their organization through color and design customizations that align with their brand.

As we manufacture our dials in house in Kansas City, we have the capability to match both Pantone colors and hex values to achieve a dial that is 100% authentic to company brand standards.


NIALL Experience

Kansas City based companies who choose custom designed products benefit from having access to The NIALL Experience. This is an experience where employees and executives have the opportunity to see their timepiece being manufactured and assembled.

An opportunity like no other, The NIALL Experience delivers a unique look into the world of precision manufacturing for luxury timepieces.

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