Pioneering Corning® Gorilla® Glass In The Luxury Watchmaking Industry. 

Pioneering the use of new materials in a three-hundred year old industry isn’t easy. But our firm belief in innovation drives us to push for better materials and processes to bring our designs to life. So when we asked, “Why sapphire?”- the answer was a major leap forward in engineering design. Through a partnership with Corning, a company with a 160-year history of innovation, we delivered a first for the watchmaking industry – Gorilla® Glass. A chemically-enhanced super-glass with 2.5x the break resistance of sapphire. The result of this collaboration is a highly durable protective super-glass that is unique to Niall timepieces and advances the standards for design and innovation.


Debuting Eterna Movements To The World.

In our quest to produce gram-for-gram the best timepieces in the world Niall worked with one of Switzerland’s leading movement makers, Eterna. As Eterna’s first customer outside of Europe and first customer of the Caliber 39 series, we believed in the power of bringing decades of experience and the strength of one of Switzerland’s longest standing manufacturers into the Niall product line. It’s a collaborative relationship that promises significant advancements in American horology in the coming years.

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Innovating Traditional Watchmaking Through The Integration of Carbon Fiber.

A seminal moment in Niall design resulted from our R&D process while exploring the use of CFRP - Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers - in dial manufacturing. Carbon Fiber allows us to innovate like never before, enabling us to manufacture dials with precise engineering, unparalleled durability and exquisite beauty. All Niall timepieces have contained carbon fiber dials since June, 2016.