Business Journal: KC's Niall designs licensed KU luxury watch

For Niall founder and CEO Mike Wilson, his roots at the University of Kansas run deep. The majority of his investors are KU grads, and he's met key business contacts through his KU network. Even basketball coach Bill Self regularly sports Niall's luxury watches.

So it's only fitting that Niall's latest limited timepiece, Fieldhouse Blue, pays homage to KU. The officially licensed watch by KU celebrates the roots of basketball at the university and honors Self, whom Wilson considers one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time.

Fieldhouse Blue is limited to 126 pieces, and its serial numbers start at 1891, the year James Naismith invented basketball, and continue to 2017. The North Kansas City-based luxury watchmaker secured permission to etch a Jayhawk image on the back of the watch; there's also microetched "waving wheat," a nod to the popular crowd wave at KU basketball games. The most stunning feature, however, are the 13 rules of basketball microetched onto the face of the watch. That idea came from one of Niall's interns, who's also a KU student. The watch retails for $4,450.

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