Business Journal: KC's Niall gets face time in Hollywood blockbuster

Kansas City-based Niall is bracing itself for big national exposure — so big, co-founder Michael Wilson may want to pinch himself.

Kurt Russell, who stars in the new "The Fate of the Furious" movie, wears Niall's GMT in Noir luxury watch during the entire film.

"It's really unprecedented for a brand our size to even be in Hollywood, nonetheless on a wrist for the entire film," Wilson told the Kansas City Business Journal. "This is a really big validation point."

The startup bucked Hollywood's "pay to play" game and instead leveraged its connections in the industry, including a contact who does placements for other watch brands. The contact told Niall's story to Russell, and he was in. But snagging a spot in Hollywood goes beyond buy-in from an actor. Niall convinced the writers and directors, who could envision Russell's character wearing the watch.

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Michael Wilson