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Oris Watches: A Comprehensive Overview of the History, Watches, and Prices

Oris Watches

Key Takeaway:

  • Oris Watches has a rich history dating back to the start of the 20th century. The company was founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, who began producing watches in a small Swiss village. Today, Oris is known for its commitment to Swiss heritage and quality craftsmanship, as well as its innovative in-house movements and patented features.
  • Oris Watches offers value-driven price points that are accessible to a wide range of consumers. The company’s price guide provides a helpful overview of its various collections and models, making it easy to find the perfect watch for your budget and preferences.
  • Oris Watches is also committed to sustainability and conservation, investing in projects that support the environment and protect vulnerable species. This commitment to social responsibility is reflected in the company’s cookies and privacy policy, which emphasizes transparency and data privacy for customers.

Introduction to Oris Watches

Oris Watches have stood the test of time, in every sense of the phrase. The exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail have made Oris a leader in the world of horology.

In this section, we’ll take a journey back in time and explore the fascinating history of timekeeping.

Brief history of timekeeping

Timekeeping has been a crucial part of human civilization since ancient times. It dates back to 3500 BC when Egyptians used sundials to measure time, based on the sun’s movement. Later, in 1500 BC, Mesopotamians invented water clocks. This worked by controlling the flow of water in a vessel.

Throughout history, various other devices were created for timekeeping. Such as hourglasses and candle clocks. However, precision timekeeping was only possible with the invention of mechanical clocks in Europe during the 14th century.

Oris Watches is a company that has made a substantial contribution to this legacy of timekeeping since 1904. They are devoted to Swiss heritage and quality craftsmanship, making them a leader in watchmaking.

Oris has created new standards for measuring time. Their innovation in creating new movements within its watches is remarkable. They have patented features that make their watches stand out, including special functions like depth gauges or air pressure monitoring. Additionally, their watches feature unique designs to suit different tastes and preferences.

History of Oris Watches

Oris Watches has a rich history dating back to the 1900s, which saw the founding of the company by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. The brand has since expanded into wristwatches and has become a prominent name in the watch industry with six factories worldwide. This section will explore some of the key events and milestones in Oris’s history, including their important firsts and key collections of watches.

Founding of Oris by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian

Oris Watches has a long history starting in 1904. Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded the company in Hölstein, Switzerland. They first created pocket watches. But, when wristwatches became popular, they adapted and began producing them too.

Oris managed to stand out in the Swiss watch industry by staying dedicated to their values and quality craftsmanship. This has earned them lots of loyal customers. The timing of their founding also coincided with a period of growth in the watch industry.

Although Oris has been making watches for over a hundred years, it is still quite a small company. This has helped them keep their unique identity. They’ve also kept up with trends and technology.

Oris’ legacy proves that commitment, quality, and innovation can lead to success. They now have six factories and continue to set the bar in the luxury watch industry.

Expansion of Oris into wristwatches and six factories

Oris’s venture into wristwatches revolutionised the industry. The two founders, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, saw the changing needs of people and decided to put their knowledge of pocket watches into creating wristwatches.

This was a great success. It allowed Oris to pioneer features like automatic winding and waterproof designs. Watch enthusiasts quickly saw Oris as an innovator, setting standards for quality and craftsmanship that they keep today.

The brand kept their Swiss heritage values of quality craftsmanship, even when making waves with their creative achievements in watchmaking. All watches with the Oris name still have the same attention to detail that has made them a leader. Discover the legend of Oris for yourself and experience their timeless mechanical miracles that have changed the way we tell time.

Important firsts in Oris’s history

Oris Watches have a great past of ground-breaking feats which have forever altered the realm of timekeeping. Founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, the brand constantly sought after excellence and invention. With a list of remarkable firsts in Oris’s history, it’s no surprise they have remained a leading name in the watchmaking industry.

To recognize the company’s pioneering successes, creating a table is an excellent tribute to Oris’s extraordinary invention and creativity. In 1925, they designed the first wristwatch with a built-in alarm. And, in 1938, they invented the calendar feature. Also, they unveiled the world’s first automatic watch in 1934. Furthermore, their regulator movement in 1991 was a milestone for the brand. Each of these could be headings under “Important Firsts”.

Apart from their impressive accomplishments, Oris’s Swiss origins and dedication to quality craftsmanship are noteworthy. In 1938, they created the classic pointer calendar feature which is still used in many of their timepieces. Plus, they recognized the need for dependable sports chronographs and launched collections for air and water-related activities.

Oris’s success is due to their founders’ proactive behaviour when they purchased the runner-up trademark rights at auction. The quick-thinking of Cattin and Christian resulted in a remarkable legacy as innovators in the watchmaking industry.

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Unlock your style with Oris’s key collections such as the classic Artelier, the sporty Aquis, and the aviation-inspired Big Crown. With a history of invention and excellence, Oris Watches will always be synonymous with remarkable timepieces.

Key collections of Oris watches

Oris Watches is proud of its Swiss roots and craftsmanship. It has an extensive range to choose from – classic to modern designs, all with innovative technology.

See the table for some of their key collections and their descriptions:

Collection Name Description
Big Crown ProPilot Perfect for pilots, this watch meets aviation regulations with its high-quality materials and functionality.
Aquis Dive watches that have great water resistance and performance features.
Artelier Classic collection with moon phase, alarm, and power reserve complications.
Divers Sixty-Five Retro-inspired dive watches with modern features.
Limited Editions Special edition watches crafted in limited quantities to celebrate special moments.

Each collection caters to different personalities and needs. The Big Crown ProPilot is great for pilots, the Aquis for divers, the Artelier for timeless elegance, and the Divers Sixty-Five for retro charm.

Oris keeps its collections fresh by introducing new models or enhancing existing ones. They ensure customers have access to cutting-edge technology. At Oris Watches, innovation is more than a buzzword – it’s a commitment to quality Swiss craftsmanship and in-house movements.

In conclusion, Oris’s collections offer innovation, style, and functionality for all – divers, pilots, collectors, and wrist enthusiasts alike.

Innovation at Oris Watches

Oris Watches has a long-standing tradition of delivering high-quality watches, known for their precision and attention to detail. In this section, we’ll explore the innovative aspects of Oris watches, particularly their commitment to Swiss heritage and quality craftsmanship. We’ll also delve into the unique features of Oris’s in-house movements and patented technologies.

Oris’s commitment to Swiss heritage and quality craftsmanship

Oris watches, based in Switzerland, are known for their devotion to Swiss heritage and quality craftsmanship. They value their skill at making watches that reflect traditional Swiss horology. Oris Watches’ commitment to preserving traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques separates them from other luxury watch brands.

They aim to keep safe working conditions in all their factories and subsidiaries worldwide. Oris makes sure their manufacturing processes are sustainable, and they stay close to suppliers to guarantee ethically sourced, top-notch materials.

Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded Oris in 1904. Today, the watchmaker still upholds their commitment to Swiss heritage and quality craftsmanship. They use modern technologies while keeping their watches authentic and ensuring top-notch quality.

An example of Oris’s dedication to Swiss heritage and quality craftsmanship is when they made their own production line for movements. They even made their own rubies – something only premium watchmakers in Switzerland had attempted before. This placed Oris at the forefront of producing exclusive wristwatches that feature contemporary design and precision engineering.

The brand became renowned in 1906 when they released a unique design that had bigger hands on oversized indices instead of tiny ones. Oris’s philosophy has always been about unique designs and reliable products at reasonable prices.

In conclusion, Oris Watches excel at creating timepieces that reflect deep-rooted traditions while using modern technology. They keep innovating without compromising on high-quality products that last a lifetime.

Oris’s in-house movements and patented features

Oris takes great pride in Swiss heritage and craftsmanship. They specialize in creating watches with unique, in-house movements and patented features. Their movements give them greater control over quality and design, leading to exceptional timepieces.

They have also invented the Rotation Safety System and an anti-magnetic system to protect the watches. Plus, they use high-quality materials like ceramic and bronze. This commitment to innovation has resulted in them being one of the few brands that can make modern diving watches with mechanical depth gauges.

Amazingly, Oris has won multiple awards for their sustainability and conservation efforts from organizations like the Blue Marine Foundation. And, all these features are available at budget-friendly prices. So, you can indulge in Swiss-made watches without spending a fortune. Choose Oris for quality and innovation in watchmaking.

Oris Watches Prices

Oris Watches Prices – Offering impressive collection at competitive prices, this section will explore the value-driven price points of Oris watches, along with the Oris price guide to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Value-driven price points

Oris Watches have great value! Their expertise in Swiss heritage and quality craftsmanship make for high-quality watches. Oris is all about providing affordable luxury. They use the finest materials for each watch, without compromising accessibility.

To reach affordability, Oris focuses on features that are important for a top-notch timepiece. They only include what’s necessary. They also prioritize sustainability and conservation projects, keeping prices low.

Oris avoids gimmicks or superfluous features. They focus on well-crafted watches that meet customer needs and expectations. By pledging only to what matters most, they can offer competitive pricing points without sacrificing quality and function.

If you’re looking for an Oris watch, check out our Ultimate Oris Price Guide.

Oris price guide

Oris Watches give great value for their high-quality timepieces. The brand is passionate about Swiss heritage and craftsmanship. Plus, they provide in-house movements and patented features for extra value.

This table shows the range of prices for some of the popular Oris collections:

Collection Price Range ($)
Aquis 1,500 – 5,000
Big Crown 1,300 – 2,700
Divers Sixty-Five 2,000 – 3,900
ProPilot 1,600 – 4,600

Remember, prices can change depending on the specific model or limited edition release. It’s best to check with an authorized retailer or the official Oris website for up-to-date pricing info.

Looking for a high-quality watch at an affordable price? Check out the Oris price guide. Plus, Oris supports sustainable projects and conservation efforts.

Oris Watches and Sustainability

Oris has been in the watchmaking business for over a century and has consistently focused on delivering quality watches that don’t compromise on style or substance. But what sets Oris Watches apart from the rest is their commitment to sustainability and conservation efforts. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at Oris’s investment in various sustainability projects and how they’ve actively contributed to preserving the environment they operate within.

Oris’s investment in conservation and sustainability projects

Oris, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, is all about investing in conservation and sustainability. Their dedication to the environment is clear from the initiatives they have taken.

One of these is their partnership with Pelagios Kakunjá, a non-profit organization. This focuses on environmental education programs worldwide for marine conservation. Oris also gives funds from its Clean Ocean Limited Edition watches to non-profits that keep water clean.

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Oris’s commitment to conservation goes beyond marine life. They do ecological projects to fight global warming. They made a limited-edition watch called ‘whale shark limited edition watch’, to raise awareness of endangered animals.

Also, Oris teamed up with Gombessa Expedition to create a mechanical depth gauge. This can measure depths of up to 500 meters underwater without oxygen tanks. This helps to preserve marine ecosystems by reducing divers’ need for extra gear.

To sum up, Oris’s investment in conservation and sustainability shows its dedication to making eco-friendly choices. They are committed to creating innovative solutions to protect our planet’s natural resources.

Cookies and Privacy Policy at Oris Watches

Oris Watches cares about your privacy, and in this section, we will discuss their cookies and privacy policy. Learn about their use of cookies for tracking and personalized experience, as well as their privacy policy and terms of use for more information.

Use of cookies for tracking and personalized experience

Cookies are essential for providing customers with a personalised experience on the Oris Watches website. They help track customers and store their preferences. As a result, users can enjoy tailored offerings and faster access to frequently visited pages.

They also allow Oris Watches to do targeted marketing based on customers’ browsing activity on other websites. That’s why you may come across Oris Watches advertisements while using other online services. Additionally, cookies help improve site functionality. For example, they provide insights into common navigation paths.

Oris Watches take privacy and security matters related to cookies seriously. They comply with relevant laws and offer detailed information on their privacy policy and terms of use. Customers can manage cookie preferences through browser settings. However, this may restrict certain website features.

Privacy policy and terms of use for more information

Oris Watches knows the importance of safeguarding personal data. That’s why they have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These documents show users how their data is collected, used, and shared. They also outline the terms that govern the website.

The company takes great care to protect user info and only collects what’s needed. This includes names, emails, and browsing. They use cookies too, as explained in the Privacy Policy.

You must read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using the site. This implies you agree to the terms.

On the website, you can find an FAQ section to answer questions about privacy and terms. It’s best to understand your rights before making online purchases.

For anyone interested in Oris watches, the website is the ideal destination. It has info on the company, its history, and timepieces.

To learn more about the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, visit the Oris Watches website for safety and security.


Oris watches are renowned for their high quality and long-standing acclaim. So many people have questions about them, so here’s a comprehensive overview! Oris is a Swiss watchmaker that started over a century ago. They prioritize offering stylish watches at a reasonable price. Their designs are elegant yet simple, great for casual or formal events. Plus, Oris is passionate about sustainability.

When it comes to types of Oris watches, there are plenty! Dive watches, aviation watches, and dress watches are all available. Every type has its own features and functions, so you can pick the one that works best for you. Materials like stainless steel, titanium, and bronze are also available.

Prices of Oris watches depend on the model and materials used. Affordable options exist, but luxurious watches are available as well. Despite the emphasis on affordability, Oris watches are still luxurious. The detail and quality they offer make them an excellent investment for any watch collector.

Five Facts About Oris Watches:

  • ✅ Oris is a Swiss luxury watchmaking brand founded in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in Hölstein Switzerland. (Source:
  • ✅ Oris offers four categories in its catalog: Culture, Motorsport, Diving, and Aviation. (Source: team research)
  • ✅ Oris produces its own in-house movements and created the first automatic mechanical altimeter watch in 2014. (Source: team research)
  • ✅ Oris’s history includes important firsts such as its first in-house escapement (1938), first Oris automatic movement (1952), and launch of the Oris diver’s watch in 1965. (Source: team research)
  • ✅ Oris has a social conscience and invests in conservation and sustainability projects. (Source:

FAQs about Oris Watches

What is Oris Watches?

Oris Watches is a Swiss luxury watchmaking brand that was founded in 1904 in Hölstein, Switzerland by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. The company is committed to Swiss heritage and quality craftsmanship, and offers value-driven price points.

What are the key collections of Oris Watches?

Oris Watches has four categories in its catalog: Culture, Motorsport, Diving, and Aviation. The key collections of Oris Watches include the Big Crown, Aquis, Divers Sixty-Five, and Artelier.

What is the average retail price of Oris Watches?

Oris Watches are known for their accessible prices, with an average retail price around $2,000. However, prices may vary depending on the specific model and features.

What are some of the important firsts in Oris Watches history?

Oris Watches has a history of important firsts in the industry, including its first in-house escapement (1938), first Oris automatic movement (1952), and launch of the Oris diver’s watch in 1965. Oris also created the first automatic mechanical altimeter watch in 2014.

What is the role of the General Manager in Oris Watches?

The General Manager is a key position in the brand, responsible for overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations, production, and overall strategy. Oscar Herzog was Oris’ General Manager for 43 years, following the passing of Georges Christian in 1927.

What is the website’s use of cookies?

The Oris Watches website uses cookies for various purposes, including tracking performance, statistics, and advertising. Cookies also provide a personalized experience for users. By continuing to browse the website, users agree to the use of cookies. More information can be found in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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