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Care & Maintenance


At NIALL, we recommend that you wind your watch daily for optimal performance. If your watch is not keeping time, first wind it a minimum of 40 turns in order to jump start the timekeeping. If your watch is a One.M or Cairenn, this section is not applicable as both models are powered by a Swiss Quartz movement with a 10 year rated battery life. However, if your watch is a GMT or a One.4 model of any colorway or limited edition run, continue reading. 

To wind your watch: 

  1. With the crown pushed all the way in, at the 0 position, turn the crown away from you at least 40 times.

Note: You can not over-wind the watch as it has a stop mechanism inside of it.


Both the One Series and the GMT utilize the same Swiss Caliber 39 movement. Both movements function precisely the same, with the small exception of an added GMT function for the NIALL GMT.


All NIALL crowns are non-screw down crowns. Which means there is no need for unscrewing the crown before performing these functions.

Note: There are three positions for the crown. 0 = all the way pushed in. 1 = for setting the date and the GMT and 2 = for setting the time.

To adjust the date or GMT:

  1. Pull the crown outward to the 1 position- also known as a "half pull".
  2. Twist away from you to modify the GMT time.
  3. Twist towards you to set the date.

To set the time:

  1. Pull the crown to the 2 position- known as a “full pull".
  2. Twist the crown either direction to adjust the time.
  3. We recommend you set the date one day prior and "roll" the time into a new day. This allows you to ensure whether you are in the AM or PM.


For NIALL timepieces, the depth rating is 5ATM; however, we have provided some additional guidelines for maintaining your NIALL as it pertains to water.

  1. All NIALL watches are good for what we call DUNS (Daily Use No Submersion). This means washing hands, running in the rain and general splashing is ok. Bathtubs, jacuzzis, steam baths, hot springs, swimming and snorkeling are not recommended.
  2. While all our timepieces are rated for more interaction with water, we would like to see you take care of your timepiece.
  3. If you find yourself in the rare instance of a division title or championship win, NIALL guarantees all our timepieces against gatorade and champagne splashes.


If for any reason your NIALL becomes dirty, we recommend using a damp towel or microfiber cloth to remove any debris.