Named The #1 Watchmaker In America By The Good Trade.

"Niall is a brand that brings quality and artisanship together into thoughtful, iconic designs. Niall communicates a relentless pursuit of perfection that makes us excited about the future." Blake Cadwell, The Good Trade



Leveraging decades of precision micro-machining expertise from the American aerospace industry and the savoir-faire of Swiss watchmaking, Niall timepieces boldly deliver innovations in durability and design that are second to none.

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Deep Blue
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Pioneers in the artisan manufacturing of luxury timepieces in America.

Niall manufactures all non-movement components in the USA and combines them with the world’s most respected Swiss automatic movement maker to create unparalleled luxury timepieces. Cases, dials, crowns, glass, gaskets, screws, straps and buckles are all manufactured in America. Niall is investing in R&D to be able to design and build USA-made movements in the future. Transparency is key to crafting with honor. We share not only what we do, but also how we do it, because we believe transparency is key to crafting with honor. We can’t imagine doing business any other way.